Minnesota Clerical, Inc. offers an extensive employee benefits package consisting of several voluntary insurance products on a pre-tax basis. The voluntary benefits available include the following:

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Payroll Process

  • Bi-weekly payroll period ends every other Saturday
  • Client or employee reports payroll hours via email, fax or through the website: Minnesota Clerical Hours
  • Client submits a check covering employee wages and fee every other Saturday
  • AFT available to clients for payment of payroll, pull from clients account, processed on Wednesday. A receipt is emailed for client records.
  • Direct Depost of employee payroll will post to account on file that Friday, check stubs are emailed to employee for their records
  • Mailing of paper payroll check is available
  • Monthly pay cycle is available, please contact us regarding payroll dates
  • No additional fee for AFT, Direct Deposit or W2 processing

Record Keeping

  • Maintain updated W4, I9 form and employee file
  • Annual preparation W2 and W3 reports
  • File all necessary reports
  • Fee includes payment of all taxes and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Employee payroll tax deposits
  • Quarterly filing of State and Federal unemployment tax
  • Quarterly filing of State and Federal reports
  • Annual 940 and State reports
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance

Program Benefits

  • No worry of filing monthly, quarterly, and annual taxes and reports
  • No IRS liability
  • Efficient and hassle free program
  • Maintenance of employee payroll
  • Paperwork virtually eliminated
  • No risk of increased rates due to an unemployment or Work Comp claim
  • Allows you and your staff to focus on running your business
  • Our top priority is to ensure the accuracy of the payroll process

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Report Hours

Here is a helpful link to the IRS
2019 Withholding Calculator
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